Plecomadness phpBB3 theme

Rickie from recently purchased this aquarium community forum and whilst upgrading to the new version, he asked us to make some changes to the original theme we’d created in 2009. Most changes were cosmetic with only a few function changes provided by the upgrade.


We created some new graphics for his Competition forum on the site and rearranged some of the statistics code and banners. The members have a choice of either a dark or light theme and both were adjusted with some new colours and slight layout changes to cater to larger screen resolutions. We created the original site on the older phpBB2 way back in February of 2008 and the upgrade has given the site some performance advantages as well. We are pleased to see the site has a strong membership and continues to grow.


  • PHP
  • HTML and CSS
  • phpBB3 Template
  • Custom Graphics

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