My Computer Guy 2010

The new version of is now live.

It’s been sometime in the making, but I’ve finally managed to finish the final touches to the new design and integrate the tutorials that were each hosted┬áseparately. I’m really pleased with the look and would be interested in your feedback.

The new design is based on a WordPress theme with a few modifications to open up the text and create more white space for easier reading.

The basic layout is unchanged and the design is a good one from the guys at You can see the original version at their wordpress demo site. (site no longer available)

I’ve added a date block to the post and archive pages and changed a few icons and roll-over effects. Some of the font styles have been changed including the topic titles and the body text. The top header background has been changed to a slightly more blue tone to match the logo and the font size has been increased in quite a few areas to make reading on high resolution monitors easier.


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